The Uses and Benefits of Bentonite Clay

Whenever there is a mention of the term, “clay,” your mind tends to conjure up visions of well-made pots, enchanting toys, decorations, etc. It may come as a surprise, therefore, to discover that a particular kind of clay may be utilized for the external and internal benefits of your body. Yes, this substance may be ingested orally, as well as applied on your skin. It is known as Sodium Bentonite Clay or the “healing clay.” Although it has been in existence for centuries and even been regarded by many cultures as a glorious means to improve and maintain good health, it seems to have garnered the attention of Europeans and Americans only recently.

Where does this unique kind of clay come from?

Generally possessing a gray or cream color, Sodium Bentonite Clay originates from quite an unusual place. This odorless and almost tasteless stuff is found in volcanic ash. Yes, you heard it right! It is mined from volcanoes. In fact, the name can be attributed to the discovery of large amounts of Bentonite Clay at Fort Benton, Wyoming, USA. This geological stratum, known as the Benton Formation, was discovered in 1890. Even today, the town manages to harvest plenty of this substance.

Of course, Sodium Bentonite Clay is only a trade name; the original name for this material is Montmorillonite clay. The name does sound rather complicated, but this is because the place of origin lies in France. The discovery was made at Montmorillon in the South-Central area of France, in 1847.

In modern times, several other nations, such as Greece, Italy, France, etc., also mine this substance. Regardless of wherever it is harvested, however, it is significant that many traditional groups of people residing in Australia, the Andes and Central Africa have been using this extremely cost-effective, readily available and safe clay for centuries. It was believed that the ingredients would keep them safe from all kinds of mild and complex diseases.




Unhealthy, toxic fumes and particles present in the atmosphere tend to enter your body without invitation, as you go about your daily tasks. Similarly, several kinds of poisons enter your cells and tissues via foods and beverages. You are probably not aware that specific kinds of fish, foodstuffs filled with high amounts of fructose corn syrup, processed foods, impure water, markers, construction materials, cleaning supplies, pesticides, paints, etc., contain heavy metals such as cadmium, benzene, lead, or mercury. These are definitely not healthy for your organs or organ systems. Naturally, you have to find some way of removing these toxins from your body. Take the help of Sodium Bentonite Clay.

How will this help?

This material may be consumed in the solid or liquid form. Once it enters your body, it is bound to encounter your bodily fluids, especially water. (Note that the human body is composed of three-fourths water.) Sodium Bentonite Clay swells up by absorbing the fluid or water. If you have witnessed how chia seeds, which are used in baking, soak up water or milk, thereby swelling up, you will comprehend what we mean. Similar to these seeds, this Clay acquires a gel-like consistency too.

Whenever Sodium Bentonite Clay touches any fluid, its electrical charge undergoes a change, or it becomes more active. At this time, the clay is composed primarily of negatively charged electrons while toxic particles and heavy metals, on the other hand, are composed of positively charged electrons. This permits Sodium Bentonite Clay to attract heavy metals and toxins easily. You have always been told, “Opposites attract.” Well, this is exactly what happens within your body; the Clay binds easily with all the toxic particles present within the liquid it absorbs. Thus, without too much effort, you can be rid of poisonous impurities, heavy metal residue and unhealthy chemicals, which are attached to Sodium Bentonite Clay, through the mouth, skin and gut. As your immunity system becomes strengthened, you will be well protected against inflammation. This is known as the process of detoxification. It is beneficial to undergo detoxification at regular intervals since we live in such a polluted world today. However, do not go overboard with oral consumption of Sodium Bentonite Clay. Around half-a-teaspoon or one teaspoon each day should suffice. Pour the Clay into a closed jar filled with water and shake it thoroughly. Drink the mixture after the Clay has dissolved completely.


Enhance the Quantity of Oxygen:


As mentioned above, this Clay has a wonderful capacity to absorb liquids, especially water. Water is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen. During the absorption process, excess hydrogen is pulled out from all the bodily cells. As a result, more of nourishing oxygen is able to occupy the empty spaces in these cells. You are well aware that your cells need oxygen to breathe, become energized and undergo self-repair in case of injuries or illnesses. Thus, Sodium Bentonite Clay can prove to be a marvelous friend!


Healthy Skin:


You are always being told by beauty experts that you should drink plenty of water to acquire a glowing complexion and healthy-looking skin. Well, add Sodium Bentonite Clay to water, and ingest it. The Clay works from within, to provide your vitamin-starved and mineral-starved body with sufficient quantities of sodium, potassium, iron, silica, magnesium, copper, calcium, etc. Yes, it is a rich storehouse of nutrients. Use it as a dietary supplement. After all, when you are clean and healthy from inside, it will reflect on the outside. Your facial and bodily skin is like a mirror, for they show the world how well or how badly you take care of yourself.

Additionally, you may even use Sodium Bentonite Clay as a mask for your skin. Just make a paste of the substance and apply it to damaged or dry-looking skin anywhere on your body. All the harmful toxins and microbes residing on the surface of your body, as well as within the skin’s pores, will be forced to come out. When you wash off the Clay, you wash off the bacteria and impurities too. It is a splendid way to be rid of allergic reactions caused by irritants found in face washes, as well as in skin ointments or lotions. The Clay can get rid of rashes caused by Poison Ivy too. In case of bug bites or scraped skin, just place a reasonable quantity of concentrated Sodium Bentonite Clay on the troubled area and cover it with gauze or a Band-Aid strip. Remove the covering and rinse off the area, after a couple of hours or so. Thus, you may use the Clay to heal wounds and to be rid of infections; it is as good as any antibiotic.

Are you troubled by scars, blemishes, red spots, etc., appearing frequently on your face? Use the Clay in the form of a facemask. Mix 1 teaspoon Bentonite clay with 1 teaspoon water or apple cider vinegar in a bowl and use a spoon to mix them. Apply it to your face and let it stay on for around 20 minutes or so. When the area dries completely, rinse off the mask with warm water. You may use this beauty treatment at least once or twice a week if your facial skin seems badly damaged.

Do you feel like undergoing a complete skin massage? If so, just pour a quarter-of-a-cup into your bath water. As you soak in the liquid, massage your skin with some Clay. Alternatively, you may just lie down in the tub for as long as you want, and then rinse your body with clean water. When you finally step out of the bathtub, your skin will feel relaxed, smooth and well hydrated. All inflammatory marks will have disappeared!

Oh, yes, Sodium Bentonite Clay is safe for babies too. Their tender and hypersensitive skin tends to become red and irritated at times. Soothe the areas with the help of small amounts of Clay. Just a few minutes of contact between skin and Clay will do; rinse it off, thereafter. This unique Clay is a good substitute for baby powder.


Healthy Teeth and Gums:


It is very common to find food particles stuck between your teeth after an entire day of chomping and chewing. It is also common to find people forgetting to brush their teeth twice a day, or even failing to brush the teeth properly. If you were prone to ‘toothy’ and ‘gummy’ problems, it would be best to get into the habit of using a mouthwash every day. You may use a combination of Clay and water for just about 30 seconds or a minute. Once you finish gargling, rinse out your mouth with fresh water. Do not swallow the material; spit it out. The Clay takes care of all the harmful bacteria and leftovers surrounding your teeth and gums, as well as impurities attached to your tongue. Do remember that all issues related to the digestive system begin with the oral cavity. Sodium Bentonite Clay is as good as any natural toothpaste, since it has anti-bacterial properties.


Improved Digestive System:


Along with “good” bacteria, “bad” bacteria and viruses also strive to settle down in your digestive tract. This can lead to all kinds of conflicts and problems. You may suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, nausea, vomiting, and so on. Infants and toddlers tend to suffer from nausea and diarrhea, due to the presence of harmful rotaviruses within the gut. Then again, your alimentary canal may experience distress due to the presence of unwanted chemicals, dangerous toxins and heavy metals.

Sodium Bentonite Clay will help to kill unfriendly viruses and bacteria, as well as push poisonous stuff out of your gut. Luckily, this material has the capacity to withstand the onslaught of the natural acids found in your stomach. This is because it possesses negatively charged electrons. Thus, the clay has sufficient time to bind with all the toxins present in your digestive system. Furthermore, the removal of unhealthy microbes allows “good” bacteria to flourish. Thanks to Sodium Bentonite Clay, you can protect your liver from long-lasting damage, as well as the advent of specific cancers into your body. As long as your body is able to properly digest and metabolize the food that you consume, you may rest assured about possessing a good immune system, enhanced brain functioning and elevated moods.

It may seem surprising, but Sodium Bentonite Clay can benefit your pets too, if you have any. In case any pet experiences discomfort from nausea and vomiting, treat it with a mixture of water and a quarter-cup of Clay. Just ensure that it cannot taste anything; otherwise, it will refuse to gulp down the liquid. Additionally, it would be best to prevent pieces of clay going into its stomach. Therefore, see that the Clay dissolves completely.


Alkalizing the Body:


Did you know that the standard American diet comprises of several foods that cause acidic reactions within your body? Your body is able to function properly, only when the acid-base (alkali) level remains balanced. Scientists refer to this as the pH balance. Any alterations in this balance can cause discomfort. Whenever you indulge in your cravings for junk food or processed foodstuffs, your stomach is inviting disaster. These unhealthy foods can be broken down or metabolized only with the aid of strong acids and your stomach will have to work quite hard to provide these acids. The only way to give it some relief is by eating some alkalizing foods.

Do you know how to distinguish between acidic and alkalizing foods? Most likely, you do not. You can, however, consume some Sodium Bentonite Clay as soon as you experience uneasiness in your stomach or gastrointestinal tract. Even when you experience a burning sensation while urinating, it may indicate a rise in the acidic levels within your body. The alkalizing minerals present in the Clay will restore the pH balance of your body, and bring tremendous relief.

On a final note, Sodium Bentonite clay also helps in purifying water. Although there is still some more research to be done, experiments have shown that Sodium Bentonite Clay, along with magnesium, can improve the purity of tap water. Furthermore, it permits the removal of harmful fluoride from drinking water.