Zinc Oxide Powder Recipe Ebook


While tottering about in the chemistry class in school with lab coats on, we have all pretended to be scientists involved in the forensic testing of some pretty high profile murder or engaged in discovering a new element in that small yet creative place. Chemistry is awesome, even if you are bad at it, because chemists find out how compounds are good for you, or can make your life better in some way.

Zinc oxide is a common compound which has been found to carry purpose and use for the mankind in the most usual and daily activities there are. Cosmetic uses of zinc oxide are well known; one can even make the cosmetics at home easily, ensuring wellness for skin for half the price or risk of commercial cosmetic products.

This book deals with the simple recipes and their benefits for the skin and we hope you will find application of the information quite simple. Though, one must be careful about the resultant effect of any cosmetic skin application because it may or may not suit your body. It is also worth mentioning that one must not suggest any application to others even if the symptoms are the same because each person’s body is different.

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Zinc may not be one item off the top of your mind when it comes to skin and beauty, but we generally underestimate the power of this trace element (one which is required in very less quantities) when it comes to benefit to skin. Zinc oxide is produced when zincite, the source of zinc combines with oxygen in nature. It is not water soluble, so is a good agent to use when one wants to block water out, like in a moisturizer.

Zinc oxide is very safe too. The safest sunscreen is made of zinc oxide. For babies, if diaper rash occurs, doctors advise a paste of zinc oxide to be applied because it is mild and creates a protective barrier between the diaper and the affected skin. Zinc is needed by the body to take care of most skin conditions, be it rash, ultraviolet rays affect, dullness, poor diet, impact of pollution – you name it, and zinc repairs it. Actually, zinc is the ingredient in many skin related enzymes and even if it is required in very small amounts, it is essential to the extent that an external application on the top layer of skin makes many things much better!

Here are a few benefits of zinc oxide for the skin:

  • Protection from damage by the sun. Many doctors swear that zinc oxide is the safest sunscreen as it effectively blocks out the ultraviolet rays of both A and B type. It can also be used for babies.
  • It helps healing of the skin, when wear and tear happens. Zinc assists the body in repairing the damage in time. It also speeds up enzyme formation and decreases the tendency of inflammation so that the wound heals better. - It helps make rashes and other similar flare ups better quickly. The affected portion of the skin can be kept from further damage by using zinc oxide as a physical barrier against abrasions, infections and the sort.
  • Topical application of zinc oxide on ulcers and other wounds can make the situation better. It is also anti-bacterial, making the application even more desirable. Same can be said for warts too. A majority of patients report progress when administered zinc oxide.
  • Acne can be treated by using zinc both externally as well as when ingested. Foods rich in zinc like shrimp have a great effect on acne improvement. Research also shows deficiency of zinc can be a cause of acne flare-ups.
  • If one’s skin pores are large and harbor bacteria, causing acne and infection in the process, zinc can be a very good tool to tackle the problem. Acting as a natural astringent, zinc helps in tightening the tissues surrounding the pores and make them infection free. This also helps avoid blackheads.
  • In diseases like psoriasis, eczema and sun- induced ageing; zinc can be proven to be more effective.
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis or common dandruff is a common problem in every third person due to the hectic and chaotic lifestyle and poor scalp health. Zinc is a good anti-dandruff agent and can stop the itchy and flaky scalp to become worse. Many anti dandruff shampoos and medications are zinc rich.

Thus we see zinc oxide has many advantages and can be used as a safe and simple cosmetic agent. It is possible to make one’s own cosmetics using simple ingredients mixed with zinc. One can make one’s own sun block cream, acne cream and many such everyday creams and lotions for use. Let us see a few in the coming recipes.




Ever faced the dreadful red sores which make your baby extra irritable and you, scared? They say every child in diaper (even cloth ones) wearing stage gets diaper rash at least once. This is because the frequent urination causes the skin to not dry up completely and makes the area susceptible to infections which are also itchy and painful. Doctors recommend good diaper creams and lotions for everyday usage to prevent the formation of a rash, and if it happens anyway, the cream allows it to heal and stops further infection.

One can easily imagine how important and indispensable this tool is for a mom! But a mom is also concerned about the ghastly effects of cosmetic made products. She looks for alternatives which may allow her to minimize the exposure of baby’s skin to a whole batch of chemicals. For her, homemade diaper rash cream is ideal.

For making this at home:


  • Zinc oxide powder
  • Coconut oil
  • Beeswax


Mix all the ingredients together and store in a tight lidded container. Use with every diaper change.

Key pointers:

The base of this cream being coconut oil does not rub on the skin and imparts it smoothness and also fights germs. The zinc oxide not only treats the infection but also stimulates immune system and the beeswax binds the wax and zinc oxide and keeps them from separating.




Acne has defined many adolescent lives – it has spelled horror by appearing right before a date, caused embarrassing issues and loss of sense of self in many teenagers over time. Related to hormonal imbalance, lack of cleanliness on the skin and bacterial infection, acne also leaves marks on the skin making things worse. Many cosmetic compounds are available in the markets but why not make your own cream to use over those pimples and make them go away without scarring your entire being!

Here is what you can do:


  • A scoop of zinc oxide powder (non nano – does not get absorbed into the skin)
  • A tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel
  • A couple of drops of lavender oil


Mix all the ingredients in a glass bowl and store in a tight container in the fridge. When using, apply only one small dot on the pimple and leave overnight to soothe the painful inflammation and redness.

Key pointers:

Aloe Vera has been known to be excellent for the skin because it is so rich in minerals, water and natural enzymes which can work wonders overnight. The gel locks moisture in and when coupled with the magical zinc oxide, the infection gets killed even faster. The oil makes the wonder mixture fragrant and pleasing to the senses. Use whenever there is even a hint of a breakout and it won’t even leave a mark.




The sun is why we thrive on the planet. Sunlight makes the plants produce oxygen and we can only survive in an environment where there is sufficient oxygen. Indeed sun is the reason of life, but being overexposed to the ultraviolet rays that some along with the sunlight makes our skin deteriorate and can even cause cancer. Over the years, pollution has caused the ozone layer to deplete and increased ultraviolet rays enter the atmosphere and fall on the earth. This is an alarming situation.

Sun block creams help us to be safe from these rays. There are a wide variety of sun screens available in the market, but then again, no one knows how safe they are and how effective, at the same time. one can easily make a safe sun block cream for regular use, like this:


  • Lotion with coconut oil or homemade lotion – 3/4th cup
  • Non – nano uncoated zinc oxide powder – 2-5 tablespoons
  • Cocoa or ferrous oxide – a pinch for color


Decide on how much zinc oxide to add (if you add 2 tablespoons, it will only give a mild protection and if 5 or 7, moderately high) and them mix it in a warmed batch of lotion by putting both items in a food processor or blender. Later add a couple of drops of essential oil and the coloring. Store in the fridge for it to last longer, else if little quantity is made, it can be left outside too.

Key pointers:

Thought the SPF factors of this recipe are not available since it is not industry grade cosmetic product, but the effectiveness is undoubted. Also, you can use this concoction for babies and toddlers too as the zinc added to the formula won’t be absorbed in the body.




One type of white flakes you never like – the ones that fall off your hair! Dandruff is a nasty problem which is characterized by flaky and itchy scalp and shedding of that skin on shoulders and neck. To counter this terrible problem one can use anti dandruff shampoos but why use toxic, chemical laden stuff when you can make your own!

Here is how:


  • Coconut milk – a quarter of a cup
  • Liquid Castile soap – half a cup
  • Vegetable glycerin – half a cup
  • Coconut oil – a couple of tablespoons
  • 3 drops of basil oil
  • Zinc oxide powder – 2 tablespoons


Combine all the ingredients well and transfer into a bottle with an orifice. Use whenever taking a head- bath to keep dandruff problem at bay.

Key pointers:

The ingredients are all natural and no synthetic material is used in preparing the shampoo so that you can get an all-natural solution to your problem!




Ever used some form of medicated cream in life? It costs a bomb does it not? But the relief is instantaneous and intense. Why can you not enjoy the same effect for less? Indeed you can. This simple recipe helps you make a heavy, medicated cream which can be used as a multipurpose ointment for any skin problem. 

The method is slightly complicated but the results are pretty astonishing. Here is what all you will need to make it:


  • Batch 1 – polawax – 40 grams; stearic acid – 20 grams; glycerin – 15 grams; coconut oil – 10 grams; cosmetic castor oil – 45 grams; calendula oil – 5 grams
  • Batch 2 – boiling water 360 grams
  • Batch 3- vitamin e – 3 grams; germall plus preservative – 2 grams; lemon essential oil – a drop or two
  • Batch 4 – zinc oxide powder – 90 grams


  1. Firstly, take a plastic bowl and mix all ingredients listed in batch 1.
  2. Pour batch 2 (boiling water) into the bowl full of substance and stir to mix well.
  3. Keep stirring until cool and check for temperature - if the finger can tolerate the temperature, it is time to mix in batch 3 contents.
  4. Next, blend in the zinc oxide small parts each time to avoid lumps.
  5. Once completely mixed, fill in a air tight jar and use when needed.


Zinc oxide is a multifarious chemical which can be successfully utilized to cure various skin problems and one can stay off harmful, chemical laden industrial cosmetics, ensuring safety towards ski and the body.